Canada’s tough-guy cop to ‘aid’ world’s poor

In recent years Canadian corporations have benefited from the myth of Canada being a kind and benevolent country. The Canadian government has supported this myth by propagating heroic immigrant narratives that overshadow genocidal policies toward native populations and ill-treatment of immigrants and refugees. Since the World Wars, our soldiers in foreign military adventures have been branded “peacekeepers”, despite their atrocious activities in Somalia and Afghanistan.

Recent actions by the current Canadian government and Canadian corporations are, however, seriously undermining the country’s international reputation. Canada’s withdrawal from Kyoto should itself be enough evidence of the utter disdain the country’s leadership has for the plight of the world’s poor.

Just in case that was not indication enough, Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to put a tough-guy cop, Julian Fantino, at the helm of the Ministry of International Cooperation, which in turn, places him at the head of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Toby Leon Moorsom

Al Jazeera, Qatar

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