Israel-Palestine: a mountain to climb

The late journalist and author Amnon Dankner wrote a satirical column a few months before his untimely death in which he imagined that Israel had found a way of detaching itself, body and soul, from the Middle East and turning into the island it always wanted to be. Drifting westwards, it would finally find its true home on the east coast of the US. Dankner’s conceit captured a raw political truth: that there is no urgency, or even appetite, for negotiations with the Palestinians. The polling is consistent: 70% are for the two-state solution; 80% think it will never happen. The disillusion is mutual. Looking up each night at the twinkling lights of the settlers on the West Bank hills, Palestinians can be forgiven for thinking, after 20 years, that the prospect of ever living in a state of their own has gone for good.

The Guardian, United Kingdom

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