Tell the Truth About the Arms Treaty

On April 2, the United States joined an overwhelming majority of countries at the United Nations in voting to adopt a treaty regulating the international trade in conventional weapons — a monumental achievement after seven years of diplomacy, lobbying and out-and-out arm-twisting.

The United States pushed for the General Assembly vote last week after securing, in a March conference, the treaty language its negotiators wanted.

Yet now, just days after the United Nations’ 154-to-3 vote, top United States officials are already hedging on whether President Obama will sign the treaty when it opens for signature at the United Nations on June 3 — let alone whether the United States will ratify it, an act that would require the approval of two-thirds of the Senate.

Rachel Stohl

The New York Times, United States

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One thought on “Tell the Truth About the Arms Treaty

  1. While the Treaty, in reality, will not affect American Citizens’ rights to own guns, nor will in circumvent the Second Amendment, it may allow some nations to block (or at least attempt to block) the US arming it’s allies, such as Taiwan or Israel. It also may expose American gun owners’ information to foreign governments. If I buy an imported weapon, there is no reason for the government of the country that made it to know who the end user is.

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