China accuses US of destabilising region

China has accused the US of destabilising the Asia-Pacific region by strengthening its military presence in the area.

China made the claim in its defence ministry’s annual white paper, saying the US was sending more ships, planes and troops into the region.

“There are some countries which are strengthening their Asia-Pacific military alliances, expanding their military presence in the region and frequently make the situation there tenser,” the document, published on Tuesday, said.

It stated the US policy has emboldened Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam regarding territorial disputes and China now faces “multiple and complicated security threats”.

“Certain efforts made to highlight the military agenda, enhance military deployment and also strengthen alliances are not in line with the calling of the times and are not conducive to the upholding of peace and stability in the region,” Yang Yujun, spokesman, said at a news conference marking the report’s release.

China has criticised US deployment of ships and personnel to Asia, as well as its increasing cooperation with treaty partners, including Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

Al Jazeera, Qatar

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