Foreign 99 Thoughts

Foreign 99 Thoughts is a blog that publishes news and opinion articles about international relations in the world, specifically in the Middle-East but not limited to that region. This blog also publishes the best articles on international relations by a wide variety of authors around the globe as well as any videos that may be of note.

Foreign 99 Thoughts encourages its readers to comment and start discussions about the subjects covered on the site. All opinions are valid and I strongly encourage civilized debate on this site.


Foreign 99 Thoughts is currently looking for two types of contributors.

  • News editor : As a news editor, you will have to cover a large numbers of media sources (provided) and select the best articles that should be posted on Foreign 99 Thoughts.
  • Writer : As a writer, you will have to write opinion / analysis articles on international relations.

Contributing to Foreign 99 Thoughts is an excellent way to get experience in writing and analysis of  international relations for students or anyone with an interest. Both these contributions are a perfect opportunity for first timers and they are both unpaid.

Please send your motivation letter to François-Alexandre Roy T. at faroy@live.ca

Don’t forget to mention your field of study for students as well as any related work experience.


Any thoughts on this?

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