Sudan, the reality after the divorce

It’s almost two years since South Sudan split from Sudan to become the world’s newest country.

Sudan president Omar al Bashir , has announced an amnesty for all political prisoner held in Sudan and has released a number accused of link with southern rebels.

It’s building on process made in March, when the two countries agreed to end hostilites, and resume the cross-border flow of oil.

And as sign of mellowing relations, Bashir is said to be making arrengements for his first visit to South Sudan.

Inside Story, Al Jazeera


Empire – Diplomacy, Obama and the Middle East – YouTube


As the recent Arab League summit in Doha showed, new alignments and new cartographies of power are being drawn across the Middle East– a region in flux that is underscoring the relative decline of one-time US domination. With Israel scrambling to maintain its assumed nuclear and strategic pre-eminence, and the US keen to retain some authority in a Middle East where it dithered in responding to the uprisings of the Arab Spring, as it has on the crisis in Syria, Empire unpacks the rhetoric of Obama’s Israeli visit and dissects the real issues that the US President, Israel and the Arab world, urgently need to address.

Empire, Al Jazeera

via Empire – Diplomacy, Obama and the Middle East – YouTube.